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I was recently interviewed for a showcase in a Miami, Florida magazine.  Here is the link: http://voyagemia.com/interview/meet-robin-warnberg-boy-named-jack-tampa-bay-area/ 

I was recently interviewed for the Reading With Your Kids podcast.  Listen here:  

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available in print and Kindle versions

Jack is an adventurous little boy growing up on a cattle ranch in New Mexico.  He lives with his mother, his father, and his little sister, Alice.  This book introduces you to the family and shares some of their fun.

Here we continue with more stories about Jack and Alice. Jack is growing up and engaging in more country activities.  Book five also provides the reader with information about plants and animals in this part of New Mexico.

This book continues the adventures of Jack and Alice and their parents, living life on a ranch in rural New Mexico. Here you get to know the boy a little better.

All the illustrations found in the A Boy Named Jack series are hand-drawn.  This coloring book contains most of the original illustrations from Books 1 through 4 for your young artist to color.

This book continues the adventures of Jack and Alice growing up in the rural landscape of New Mexico. These stories are all about Alice so you can get to know her better.

Book six takes the reader through an entire year in the lives of Jack and Alice.  From a Valentine's party to a shiny Christmas tree, see their fun as they grow.

Book four contains more stories about Jack and Alice and their parents as they get older and have more fun.

Book seven is full of more stories from Alice's perspective.  Read as she learns to use the phone and avoid the outhouse! 

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